Finding Zian …

There is something about Zian. Before the arrival of Zian, I had moderate to severe detestation towards dogs. But then Zian came, against my will.
My son and his aunt Rinki mashi brought the little one some three and half years back. I was curious.
Curious and a bit anxious.
Curious , anxious and thrilled.
Curious, anxious, thrilled and filled with anticipation.
Initially all care of Zian was taken by my son.
I remained a distant observer of sorts.
An impassive one.

Then Zian one day came to lick my toes.
I tried to shoo away the little ball of fur with tiny beady eyes.
But Zian started following me from one room to another.
From verandah to terrace.
Swift, agile and always ready.
Even at dead of the night!

Three and half years after, specially in the long drawn lockdown months , Zian and I , have become the best buddies. I have heard and seen in English and American movies how the pet dogs are greatly admired and appreciated and called ‘Buddy’.

After three and half years, I now know the importance of those movies. After three and half years of knowing Zian, I now know why dogs are different from all other creatures and why historically there is such a great bonding between dogs and human beings. After three and half years of knowing Zian, I learnt to be compassionate towards all creatures. All , literally.

I watch and rewatch movies like ‘ Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ ( for those who have not seen it, must watch it, even if you have a great detestation towards dogs. You will just love Hachiko , the little pet dog of the story and you will cry at his devotion towards his master. and ‘ A dog’s purpose’
Or for that matter ‘ Marley and me.
‘ (

Incidentally in all these flicks I find traits of Zian. And I fall back to love Zian more.
I love Zian in every way, in the most agitated state and the most restive state. While asleep, while awake.

And this Love of mine is also shared by my son and wife and relatives and friends.

This is for the first time I am writing so many things about Zian. And that is because I have chanced to click this photo of Zian today , in a pure restive state. It was early in the morning . The weather was cool and calm. I was just sitting then on the swing chair, resting a bit after my morning physical workout. A soft music was then being played on mp3 player.
And then I looked at Zian.
So peaceful and restive, perfectly in tune to the morning. And yet, I know, a slight movement of me would make him spring back to full alertness. And this thing of dogs is the most remarkable feature. They can swing into action and mobility in a wink of an eye.
And about their faithfulness. Who am I to write about that?
That is something phenomenal. Something truly iconic.

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