A Poet’s Nook is all we need

When Koyel , a teacher and a poetess by her own right, first approached me for a review of her poetry book ‘ A Poet’s nook’ ( Publisher : Evincepub, ISBN 9789390442478, publication year 2020) , I was non committal for I was not sure what to get from a lesser known poet. Doing review is always an arduous task, specially when you are doing review of works of first timers, the first time poet, or first time fiction writer. However, Koyel surpassed all my expectations in her lucid approach to poetry, not relying much on creating esoteric rhetoric which some of our very very post modernist poets do believe in. Instead she captures whatever crosses her mind. In her short preface to the book she herself states that quite clearly leaving aside any chance of misinterpretation. ‘ Poetry is the music of the soul ‘ , she declares and how that music strikes the chord of the poet and the reader is all about the art of poesy.

Next ninety pages of the book , having some eighty poems, put me into a journey of a sort. From Legacy of dreams to Black hole, I traveled , and traveled quite seamlessly, feeling no hiccups or even tiredness! Such is the eloquence of Koyel’s soul and mind! If The strange place put infront of my mind’s eyes visions of a place near a forest with a girl sitting on an oak bench, Rain Bash is pure joy of feeling every bit of rain. Then there are short pieces like Anticipation which are philosophical and yet grinding real.

But then , for a flight of fancy there is always pieces like Ethereal which stir the secret chambers of heart and make one realize that there is always a room for finding beauty amidst chaos and unrest. There is always a soothing comforting ease in the midst of disturbance.

I would be dishonest to myself and also to the poetess if I say that the book will sweep one off one’s feet by its sudden grandiose stuff. No, it will not do that. Instead, by reading , poetry will seep into the permeable soul of a poetry lover. It is not a book to fall in love with in the very first sight , having something grand and obscure. It is a book which is to be savored quiet and at one’s leisure. And love for it will grow in graded terms. It is like making an acquaintance. Slow and yet thrilling.

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