Food, tv, family and more

‘ There is no love sincerer than the love of food’

– George Bernard Shaw

We, in our family have a curious relationship with food. It is almost like a love- hate relationship. My wife eats food to lose weight. My son eats only when he is hungry and I eat when my wife calls me to the dining hall.

If I am busy writing something, I forget about my own hunger or hunger forgets me. Either way it works. If I am reading I sometimes prefer munching almonds or cashews. While watching tv we all eat something. In most cases the food if served hot would turn cold till we finish off it while watching tv. This I observed happens most when the tv channels are set to ‘infotainment’ mode. However my wife watches bengali tv series with ease and finishes off her plate of food quite successfully without making it wait for long.

The Sports channels are great for foodies I guess. The exciting cricket matches make us all to eat all types of food ( and non foods even like finger nails).

Mostly at home ( barring the breakfast) we eat food while watching tv, so tv and food somehow got attached in our case, or should I say we keep them within parentheses.

Talking about family, my in-laws are great foodies, specially my brother in law. Any new restaurant opens in our small town, he will make sure he visits that on the day of the opening itself. If not on that day then next day sure. He believes in ‘ eating -out’ . The flavour of home cooked foods does not appear as lip smacking as the flavour of restaurants to him. My mother in law loves to cook but if her arthritis allows her. My father in law , have one thing in common with me, he cooks only when feels like.

Talking about feelings associated with food, I love the smell of spices. Not sure how it got so much into me, but the smell of spices led to strange wanderings. Once I wandered off the trail while touring a place because I got the smell of cardamom there.

The smell of mustard sauce is another which creates a subtle feeling in me. I can’t help it. Another smell from kitchen which would invariably create an urge to go and find what’s being cooked is the smell that emanates the moment garlic and onion and chillies are simmered.

My parents being residents of East Bengal ( now Bangladesh) , we had that preference towards fish easily found in rivers and ponds. Salt water fish were rarely brought home. The thrust or direction of home made foods was always towards vegetables like ‘banana flowers’, gourds of all kinds ( the bitter one was a must) and lentil. When my wife came in and took over the kitchen turned multi cuisine. From typical East Bengali we turned Bengali first and then gradually Indian, as far as food is concerned. Idli, chana masala, naan, rajma, mughlai and tandoori dishes – all started happening. Later the chinese and the american and tibetan dishes also started becoming part of our lives.

Thus we got evolved so far and with tv constantly supplying us more information and ideas on cooking, I am sure we are going to get more globalised.

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