Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day is celebrated today i.e; on 5th day of September each year in India only , as a way to pay tribute to Dr. Sarvapalli Shriradhakrishnen . Indeed the day is a matter of great importance for teachers students alike as it celebrates a great tradition of ‘ guru – shishya ‘ which is very much Indian . For ages gurus or teachers have been imparting education to taughts. In Indian context however, the guru is someone who is not only a teacher. He or she is a pivot of shishya or the taught. Talking about teachers , we have the mythical Dronacharya who taught the skills to his shishyas like Arjuna and at the same time we have prolific musicians, painters , dancers as revered teachers who not only made their students learn various naunces and nitty gritties of different facets of skills but also helped them acquire a certain way of life. So we have various schools or traditions of vocal classical music , instrumental music or dance or paintings. Pandit Bismillah Khan , Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia or Pandit Zakir Hussein , all have been great Gurus in their respective world . Sadly , it is a matter of great concern that very Indian Guru Shishya tradition is getting serious browbeating with the advent of fast learning methods and too much of professionalism. Of course the modern age demands module based learning , as time is at heavy bargain for both teachers and students. We are no longer interested to study something for the sake of studying. We want the end result. We all want score sheets. However, it is imperative to keep certain traits of the old guru shishya tradition alive. For example, interactions between the teacher and the students. We all know how in ancient Greece, ( or for that matter in our country also) a great deal of learning happened only through critical thinking , analysis , debates and symposiums. In this age when the students suffer from various issues related to behavioural problems or socio- economic handicaps , the role of teachers as guides or counsellors have arisen. Academically also, student centric learning at basic levels is adjudged the best way to achieve goals. Even in higher studies , interactions between teachers and students can lead to wonders. Afterall who can forget how Socrates ignited Plato’s mind as his teacher and Plato how in turn created Aristotle?

#FifthSeptember #teachersday

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